Be Well Lead Well® Women Is A One-Of-A-Kind Yearlong Program For Women Leaders Who Seek To Unleash Thriving In Their Teams And Organizations, Starting With Themselves

By participating in Be Well Lead Well® Women, women leaders across industries make thriving a game-changer in their life and leadership effectiveness, amplifying thriving in organizations and around the globe. This life-changing journey invites women leaders to engage in pioneering assessments in wellness genomics, mindfulness and resilience, and enlightened leadership competencies, along with an integrated system of transformative learning, feedback, and coaching support. Be Well Lead Well® Women is an innovation in leadership development where women leaders tap into their deepest commitment to thrive—mind, body, relationships, spirit—plus uplift their consciousness and capabilities for driving cultures of thriving wherever they lead.

What Makes Be Well Lead Well® Women Unique?


  • Cutting-edge wisdom about thriving combined with proven methodologies to accelerate individual and collective leadership effectiveness
  • Precision strategies for transformative, measurable shifts in wellness and leadership using revolutionary wellness genomics, our mindfulness and resilience assessment Be Well Lead Well® Pulse, and a pioneering 360-degree leadership assessment
  • Designed for women in senior leadership roles, key change agents, and high-potentials. Can be tailored to male leaders or mixed gender audiences
  • Ideal number in each program: 20–25
  • Customizable to an organization’s needs, aspirations, location, and culture
  • Can be augmented with a Culture of Leadership assessment and our other trusted strategies for building a culture of Thriving through effective leadership

Results for Women Leaders

  • Improvements in health, vitality, and leadership effectiveness using personalized, evidenced-based approaches
  • Enriched capabilities to derive impact from inspired purpose, authentic presence, and the cultural sensitivity required for large-scale thinking and action
  • Compelling ways to coach, mentor, and advance thriving as a strategic resource
  • Insight into the habits of thought that give rise to the patterns of behavior, sense of fulfillment, and results achieved in life and work
  • Powerful connections with others who share in this transformative experience

Results for Organizations

  • Tapping into the innate potential within leaders to embrace complexity and change at a higher, yet sustainable, level
  • Enhanced capability of leaders to drive positive organization culture—a key to competitive and collaborative advantage
  • Shared language, framework, and tools for amplifying Thriving leadership across the organization
  • Evolution of an employee experience using wellbeing as a workforce strategy
  • A reputation as an enterprise that invests in Thriving leadership and workplaces for a healthier world

Amplify Your Impact

Multiply your wellbeing leadership impact. One percent of your program payment is invested in social impact initiatives to empower unfunded, impoverished women entrepreneurs worldwide.